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Founded by athletes, led with care, Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is here to help get your health back. We have served our community and the Chicago west suburbs for over twenty-five years. With cutting edge technology and a passionate team of health care professionals, Olympia Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is one of top healthcare clinics in the Chicagoland area. Our team has a unique approach of combining chiropractic care with physical therapy, and massage therapy. No drugs, no surgery, no kidding. Olympia strives to provide a holistic approach to helping each patient achieve their highest level of function and maintain lasting results. Learn how our Bartlett IL chiropractors can help you and your family.

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What Is The Olympia Difference? Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is unique in the fact of combining chiropractic treatment with physical therapy and massage therapy. Our licenses physicians and therapists treat each person with a team approach, so each patient can receive the expertise they deserve. We use the highest level of technology to get our patients better faster and stay better longer. Technology such as the pro-adjustor, ARP wave therapy, red light therapy, spinal decompression, alt-G treadmill, and other innovative advanced therapies allow Olympia patients to benefit from modern physical medicine.

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How Can Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Help You?

People are good at one thing, hurting themselves! The body has trouble sometimes healing from injuries, big or small. Big injuries like car accidents, sports injuries, or work-related conditions, as well as small injuries (non as repetitive stress) such as poor posture, ergonomic activities, or even taking care of your family. All can benefit from combining chiropractic correction with physical therapy strengthening.

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Our Mission

Olympia Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is founded on the principle of giving our patients back their lives. We strive to help as many people as possible without the use of unnecessary drugs and surgery. Our team of professionals customize each treatment plan to fit the needs of our patients. We have phenomenal results with conditions such as neck and back pain, headaches, sports related injuries, car accidents (whiplash), shoulder and elbow problems, hip and knee conditions, as well as wrist and ankle injuries. Combining the corrective approach of chiropractic with the lasting results of physical therapy allows our patients to get the results they deserve.

Our practice was built on community and families. We encourage every member of our patient’s family to get their spinal evaluated by one of our physicians. Early diagnosis and preventative measures can make all the difference in the growing and developing spine and nervous system of a child. We grow together!

Why Physical Therapy Is So Important

The human body is designed to move. Pain and inflexibility are not healthy, and therefore, not normal. Strength, balance, coordination, and stamina are healthy, and therefore, are normal. Physical Therapy is an integral part of our patients achieving their healthcare goals. Combining chiropractic adjustments with the lasting / stabilizing effects of physical therapy is the best combination in physical medicine. Patients that adhere to their prescribed treatment plan get better faster and stay better longer.

Olympia physical therapy patients have various health goals and aspirations. Whether they are rehabilitating a post-operative case, recovering from a sport-injury, deconditioned from years of neglect, or suffering from poor posture, our team of doctors customize each plan to best fit the needs and goals of the individual. The goal is not just to get back to pre-injury status, the goal is to be better than ever before. The goal is to get your life back!

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